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About Las Aguilas Jungle Park

Among numerous places to visit in Tenerife, Las Aguilas Jungle Park is one of the best place if you want to experience wildlife This park is a veritable treasure trove of exotic birds, big cats, lemurs, primates, penguins, and other animals. Visit the park's exhibits on a daily basis for feedings, have some fun on the toboggan slides, and then refuel at the on-site snack restaurants. The interactive, family-friendly Las Aguilas Jungle Park is located close to Tenerife's Los Cristianos Beach. You may learn more about animals through exhibitions like exotic bird presentations, penguin feeding displays, birds of prey flights, and the sea lion show. You can swim with sea lions for an additional cost. To save time, purchase entry tickets in advance. Budget-conscious visitors can buy a combined ticket for Aqualand and Las Aguilas Jungle Park.

Why To Book Las Aguilas Jungle Park Ticket

Las Aguilas Jungle Park, a 7.5-hectare zoo that is home to a wide range of animals and birds and offers exciting animal encounters and shows. This zoo is home to numerous animals, including orangutans, chimpanzees, leopards, jaguars, a large variety of exotic birds, and birds of prey. There are several things to do in Tenerife's Jungle Park like you can go to the Jungle Raid and engage in your preferred adventure activities, such as sledding through the bobsleigh track or braving rope bridges, tunnels, and corridors.


  • You may take part in a variety of activities, animal displays, and up-close experiences at the thrilling Jungle Park in the center of Tenerife.
  • This enormous park, which spans an area of 7.5 hectares, offers a lot to discover.
  • This zoo is home to around 500 animals, including exotic birds, orangutans, and Jaguars.
  • In the exotic bird performances, see parrots, macaws, and hornbills display their flair as falcons and eagles demonstrate their hunting prowess.
  • In the afternoon, penguins are fed in their enclosures while sea lions shimmy around the water.
  • Visit the park's Jungle Raid and test your mettle on rope bridges, tunnels, corridors, and more if you have a hunger for adventure.


  • Entry ticket for Las Aguilas Jungle Park
  • Access to Bird Exhibitions and Shows

Animals At Las Aguilas Jungle Park Tenerife

Prepare to be amazed by a variety of exotic animals while visiting Jungle Park Tenerife. Jungle Park Tenerife contains everything, including primates, penguins, and birds and amphibians. Let’s learn about them below.


This bird is universally regarded as the fastest living creature. The lure-flying exercise is one of the most stunning training methods in falconry. These amazing falcons use their wing power, the most aerodynamic design, and the force of gravity to fly like shooting stars. With similar fury and quick reflexes to hawks, falcons are closely related to them. Their sleek bodies reveal sharp, thin wings. These birds are very agile, and they frequently catch their prey in mid-flight.


Orangutans, the world's largest arboreal animal, are known for their striking red coats, spend the majority of their time in trees. They can pass through the branches thanks to their long, strong arms and their grabbing hands and feet. These big apes are highly clever creatures that have 96.4% of our genes in common. In their natural habitat, these extraordinary animals face extinction. They reproduce in a wonderful, specially designed enclosure at Jungle Park, where there are waterfalls, rivers, and lakes, giving the animals a sense of being in their native Borneo and Sumatra jungles.

Crocodiles and Caimans

Surprisingly, they are unable to chew with their massive jaws. As an alternative, they tear at their prey. Crocodiles have small legs with clawed webbed toes, strong jaws, and numerous conical teeth. They both have a distinctive body shape that enables the animal's eyes, ears, and nostrils to be seen above the water's surface while the rest of it is submerged. The tail is long and enormous, and the skin is thick and plated. The biggest and fiercest of these reptiles are crocodiles and caimans.


The island of Madagascar is home to unique primates known as lemurs. Due to the loud vocalizations they make and the dazzling eyes they have, they are named after the ghosts or spirits of Roman mythology. The majority of lemurs in Madagascar and the adjacent Comoro Islands have long hind limbs, huge eyes, fox-like faces, and bodies resembling monkeys.


Take in the sight of these magnificent hunters, which are so quick that they can even scale tree limbs. Many people think they are the most stunning creatures on the planet. Leopards are swift cats that can run up to 58 kilometers per hour! They can jump about three meters high and six meters forward thanks to their incredibly springy nature. The leopard's curled tail comes in handy at this point as it aids in balancing the animal and steering the jump. They have a delicate appearance but are also lonely and vicious.


Air-breathing vertebrates known as reptiles have unique skin consisting of scales, bony plates, or a combination of the two. They consist of tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes, and crocodiles. All of them periodically shed their skin's outer covering. The temperature of their environment affects how they function. You only need to visit the enclosures that house snakes, iguanas, and turtles to observe how they progressively recharge their batteries as the sun's rays become more intense if you have a fondness for these cold-blooded animals.

Know Before You Book Las Aguilas Jungle Park Ticket

Essential Information

Location: Urb. Águilas del Teide, s/n, Km. 3, 38640 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, SpainTimings: open everyday from 10.30AM - 4.30PMBest time to visit: Before 10 am during Summers

How to reach

By Car: The south island resorts of Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas, and Jungle Park Tenerife are all a 10- to 12-minute drive away. It will take you about an hour and a half to get to the park if you are staying on the north side of the island.

By Bus: From the north or south of the island, there are also specific bus services that go to the park. They must be scheduled in advance and run on particular days. Make sure to confirm the specifics with Jungle Park Tenerife beforehand.

Las Aguilas Jungle Park Ticket FAQs

Do we need to book in advance for a Las Aguilas Jungle Park ticket?

Yes, purchasing Las Aguilas Jungle Park tickets online guarantees that you won't lose out on a spot and that your experience will be hassle-free.

What is the minimum age required to book Las Aguilas Jungle Park ticket?

The minimum age requirement to book Las Aguilas Jungle Park ticket is three years and older.

Will I get discounts on booking Las Aguilas Jungle Park tickets online?

Access to the park through the fast track is available with all online tickets. There's no need to stand in line at the ticket counter. Online Las Aguilas Jungle Park ticket prices can frequently be lower than those found at the door.

What is the best time to visit Las Aguilas Jungle Park?

The summer months are the ideal time to explore Jungle Park. May through October provide excellent weather with little rain. The best time to visit Jungle Park would be before 10 a.m. in order to avoid crowds as it is open all year. The busiest times are from 2 to 4 p.m.

Why Las Aguilas Jungle Park is famous?

This zoo is home to over 500 exotic animal species and provides an interactive way for visitors to explore the animal kingdom and perform fun activities with their friends and family.

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