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Loro Parque Tenerife ought to be at the top of everyone's list of things to do in Tenerife because it is one of the largest attractions in the Canary Islands. Its name, which translates to "parrot park," was originally intended to be a haven for parrots, but it has evolved into a sizable zoo that is home to a wide variety of animals and birds.

Loro Parque Tenerife is a treat for both kids and adults and is situated in the community of Puerto de la Cruz in the northern part of the island. There are a variety of displays and performances to take in, including breathtaking orca, dolphin, and sea lion performances, along with a number of other events. With its enormous parrot collection, largest penguin display, largest dolphin show pool, longest shark tunnel, and largest Thai town outside of Thailand, the park has broken some astounding world records.

Why To Book Loro Parque Tickets?

  • Among the other places to visit in Tenerife, Loro Parkque stands on top of all the attractions.
  • Explore the zoo's different exhibits, locations, and shows to learn more about the magnificent species that call the Reserve home.
  • At Aqua Viva, explore the world and fascinating life of tropical marine life.
  • Explore the largest penguinarium in the world while marveling at the adorable penguins of Planet Penguin.
  • During thrilling exhibitions like The Loro Show, Orca Ocean, and others, you can get an opportunity to interact with additional amiable and unusual creatures.
  • Wander around Pueblo Thai, the largest Thai town outside of Thailand, and learn more about Tenerife's history. This spectacular landmark was constructed to celebrate the close ties between Thailand and Tenerife.
  • Allow your kids to go on a small exploration adventure at the entertaining Kinderlandia play area.
  • Admire the stunning tropical scenery that envelops the park's outstanding Thai-inspired architecture.

Available Loro Parque Tickets Options

Wolfgang Kiesling founded Loro Parque in 1972 as a 1.3-hectare parrot park, and it has now expanded into a 13.5-hectare zoo that is home to a diverse range of animals, including the largest collection of parrots in the world. The park is one of the primary references in research and conservation efforts around the world because it is home to approximately 4000 parrots, representing 350 species and subspecies. Additionally, it is the first zoological park in the world to receive the Animal Embassy, environmental accreditation. Other notable records held by Loro Parque include the longest shark tunnel in Europe, the largest indoor penguin display in the world, and the largest dolphin show pool in Europe. Let’s take a look at the available Loro Parque tickets!

Loro Parque Skip the Line Tickets

With these admission tickets, you may skip the lengthy lineups at Loro Parque's entrance and use that time to explore the park's various areas and rides. The acclaimed performances will be the highlights of your day. The newly renovated parrot display at Loro Parque highlights the intelligence of the birds that speak for nature and calls attention to the deplorable condition of the woodlands. You're sure to be enthralled by the stunning orca performances in the park's Orca Ocean, featuring highly trained killer whales! You can even stroll around the gorgeous Siam Park, which has a Thai theme and is decorated with exotic and tropical plants, if you've chosen that choice. Enjoy exhilarating rides while exploring the various enclosures and exhibits that are dispersed throughout the park. If you're traveling with children, they'll enjoy the rides that defy gravity as you unwind on a Balinese bed.

Loro Parque & Siam Park Combined Tickets

With this 2-day combo ticket, spend one of your days at Loro Parque, one of the best Canarian attractions. Siam Park, the water kingdom that first opened in 2008 and is currently regarded as Europe's most stunning theme park with water attractions, will be the location of your second enjoyable day. Siam Park's numerous attractions and exotic locations will astound you. The park is a significant new tourism development with its natural landscapes and elegant oriental architecture, making it a destination where the whole family can enjoy adventure and excitement. The mystique of the former Thai monarchy blends with each sight to envelop tourists in a fantastical setting.

Loro Parque Ticket with Transfer from the South

Spend the day at the renowned and well-liked Loro Parque, an animal adventure park in the Canaries. Visit the amazing animals up close for a unique experience in a unique corner of heaven. Visit Planet Penguin to learn about the Antarctic, which is populated by hundreds of penguins and an actual iceberg. Take a seat and enjoy the breathtaking Orca Ocean as you watch killer whales exhibit their power and dexterity. Try not to smile as acrobatic dolphins and sea lions entertain you with their defying gravity maneuvers. Katandra TreeTops, a brand-new location in Loro Parque where you can encounter the most incredible bird species, is accessible. Watch out for kookaburras, cockatoos, emus, and loris as you cross hanging bridges and move through the forest.

Loro Parque Entry Ticket and Shows

Discover the amazing animal habitats that put you right in the middle of the action and take in the thrill of the park's four top-notch shows. The breathtaking killer whale performance at the park's Orca Ocean is guaranteed to be the high point of your adventure-filled day. Get ready for a fun and exciting day! Visitors who are younger will have fun in Kinderlandia. Kids may climb, explore the jungle, balance on hanging bridges, and slide down a snake slide in what looks like an African town of tree homes. The Orca Roller Coaster is available for use by the entire family. Both children and parents can have a great time in Kinderlandia!


What is the minimum age required to book Loro Parque tickets?

The minimum age for Loro Parque tickets is six years and above. Kids under six are permitted for free.

Will I get discounts on booking Loro Parque Tickets online?

Access to the park through the fast track is available with all online tickets. There's no need to stand in line at the ticket counter. Online Loro Parque ticket prices can frequently be lower than those found at the door.

Do we need to book in advance for Loro Parque tickets?

No, each park provides a full day of entertainment, and tickets Loro Parque are good for 365 days after the purchase date. To avoid the queue, you can book Loro Parque tickets online.

What is the best time to visit Loro Parque?

The summer months are the ideal time to explore Loro Parque. May through October provide excellent weather with little rain. The best time to visit Loro Parque would be before 10 a.m. in order to avoid crowds as it is open all year. The busiest times are from 2 to 4 p.m.

Why is Loro Parque is famous?

Loro Parque is famous across the world for its outstanding collection of exotic birds, which includes over 300 varieties of parrot. The Loro Parque Foundation's mission is to safeguard and conserve endangered species, which is why the park is home to the largest penguinarium in the world, with more than 250 penguins.

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