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Do you fancy a hike to the summit of Spain's highest peak? You can just join Teide volcano tours and climb the white mountain in a small group. Walking from the white mountain's parking lot to the top of Teide. At sunrise, you'll visit this breathtaking location, where the volcano casts one of the world's longest shadows over the ocean. This journey takes you along the crater's rocky trails, where you can take in breathtaking vistas of the island's north and south, as well as the island's incredible volcanic landscapes below, which are often obscured by a beautiful white sea of cloud. Even in cloudy weather, you can see the rest of the Canary Islands.

The magnificent colors and shapes of the volcanoes are revealed as you glide over this geological marvel. Inconceivable anywhere else on Earth, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and when you go back to the park's base at the volcano's feet, you may take your time exploring the park's other photogenic wonders. There will be a cable car waiting for you at the end of your hike so that you may ride back down to the station.

Why To Book Teide Volcano Tours?

  • You must reserve tickets for the Teide volcano tours since they include access to the ascent and descent (optional) that will lift you to a height of 3,555 meters
  • You can take in breathtaking views of Tenerife and some of the nearby islands, as well as one of the most remarkable volcanic landscapes in the entire world.
  • There is a good chance that you will be completely enveloped in thick fog at 600 meters above sea level if your Teide adventure takes you up the north side.
  • You'll be in the band of land below the zone of maximum exposure to the wet, northeasterly trade winds that bring clouds.
  • Here, lush green laurel trees cover the landscape, and the air is cold enough to make you want to put on a coat.
  • You'll see that Las Cañadas is home to a wide variety of plant life, including broom, laburnum, and many others that are unique to these mountains.

- You may also witness various lava and volcanic rock formations on Las Cañadas , starting with Mount Teide, a stratovolcano of the Vesuvian type.

Available Teide Volcano Tours

Teide Volcano Tours come in many varieties, but the top eight have been covered in depth here to assist you plan your vacation. To begin, you can take a cable car up to La Rambleta and take in the sights on the way up. Later, you can ride the cable car to the peak or explore the caves of Cañadas del Teide. Aside from the cable car, you may trek to Mount Teide, take a stargazing tour in Teide National Park, or simply take a night hike through Cañadas del Teide.

Tour with cable car ride

Transportation to the cable car terminal and a journey to La Rambleta are integral parts of many visitors' itineraries on Teide. La Rambleta, at an elevation of 11,660 feet above sea level, is stunning even if you don't make it to the top of the volcano on this excursion. These two tours, beginning in the north and the south of Tenerife, respectively, are available for booking. From the designated meeting spot, you'll take a bus up to Teide National Park, which is located at an elevation of roughly 2,300 meters (7,730 feet). You'll take a cable car up to La Rambleta from there, and the ride up will be punctuated by breathtaking vistas. One hour will be allotted once you arrive at La Rambleta to explore the surrounding paths and vistas.

Tour with cable car ride and access to the summit

If you're looking for a tour that will take you to the top of Teide, this is one of the better options. The expedition consists of a guide, a cable car ride, and the necessary permission to reach the peak. On this five-hour tour to Teide volcano, you'll climb the mountain via Trail 10 (also known as Telesforo Bravo). Less than half a mile in length, this trail is challenging mainly for experienced hikers due to its elevation increase of approximately 650 feet. The adventure features a ride on the cable car as well as transportation to the entrance from several locations on Tenerife. In under 10 minutes, you'll reach La Rambleta, the trailhead for the ascent to the peak. As you make your way up Mount Teide, you'll get to take in the breathtaking scenery, including the mountain's lava fields and other volcanic features. Sulfur in the air as you approach the summit is further evidence of volcanic activity.

Tour through the Cañadas del Teide

Las Cañadas is a large area and the epicenter of multiple volcanic explosions located within Teide National Park near the base of the volcano. Caldera is also located here, and it is thought that this area was formed after the caldera, however this is hotly contested. This Teide tour of 4-5 hours duration will take you to see the arid terrain around the volcano, complete with lava rivers and volcanic rock structures like the Roques de Garca. Beautiful, expansive views of Mount Teide can be enjoyed over the entire four to five hour trek.

Hiking tour to climb Mount Teide along the Montaña Blanca route

You'll need a whole day for these Teide volcano tours, which leave at the Cañadas road at the base of the mountain. This Teide excursion is the best because of all the hidden gems you'll find on the way. The Huevos del Teide, a pair of enormous black rocks hidden by the White Mountain, is one such feature. You'll also go by the cable car terminal and the Altavista refuge. Your tickets for the cable car ride down the mountain are included in the price, and the ascent is accomplished on foot. This is an arduous trek due to the steep terrain created by walking on hardened lava. However, if you're up to the challenge, a day excursion to Teide will lead you to breathtaking vistas. The Telesforo Bravo trail is the sole route to the peak, and your tour operator will arrange for the necessary permits for your trek.

Night hike through the Cañadas del Teide

El Teide, and by extension all of Tenerife, changes dramatically as the sun goes down, thus exploring the island at night on a Teide night tour can provide an entirely new perspective on this exotic terrain. The volcano tours to Teide start with a three-mile stroll beneath the clear night sky, and it all begins at the Parador de Cañadas del Teide, one of the top paradores in all of Spain. As an added bonus, you can enjoy the moon and stars on this three-hour evening trip to Mount Teide as you visit famous landmarks like the Roques de Garca

Stargazing tour in Teide National Park

Because of its ideal circumstances for stargazing, Tenerife has been classified as a Starlight Tourist Destination. If you want to see Teide at night and be impressed, this is the tour for you. In Teide National Park, you'll go on a "Night Sky Star Safari" to gaze at the stars with the use of a telescope. Meanwhile, your knowledgeable guide will fill you in on the whereabouts of the planets, the moon, and other stars. This 5-hour tour to Teide volcano is especially appealing because it features both a cava toast at sunset and a hearty Canarian dinner.

Tour to Mount Teide and Masca

This 8-hour tour to Teide volcano is one of the better options for day trips to Teide from Puerto de la Cruz in northern Tenerife, and it also makes a stop at Masca. In a 4x4, you'll explore the La Orotava valley and Teide National Park, which are both home to volcanic landscapes. A tour guide will provide background on the circumstances behind the volcanic eruptions and their effects on the island's geology as you travel. For instance, during Chinyero's eruption, the community of Garachico was practically submerged. Then you'll go to Masca, a picturesque town that sits at an elevation of 2,460 feet above sea level. A popular valley provides one of the island of Tenerife's finest vantage locations.

Tour to Mount Teide, Icod, and Garachico

These volcano tours to Teide leave from the north of the island, although it is still possible to reserve it if you are staying in the south. The order in which the stops are made can change depending on where you board the bus. This Teide excursion will take you to the Cañadas del Teide National Park, which was established in the aftermath of the volcano's eruption. There are now lava rivers and unique rock structures like the Roques de Garca to be found there. As an added bonus, you may get a better sense of Mount Teide's majesty from this vantage point. You'll also visit Masca and Santiago del Teide; the latter is well-known for the ravine and vantage views it provides over the surrounding area from an elevation of 2,460 feet above sea level.

Teide Volcano Tours FAQs

How long should one spend while taking Teide Volcano Tours?

It takes roughly six hours to complete the Teide volcano tours, which begins after everyone is on board.

What is the best time to take Teide Volcano Tours?

May to September is the best time to take Teide volcano tours preferably between the middle of the day and 4 PM.

What is the minimum age required to go on a Teide Volcano Tours?

The minimum age required to go on Teide volcano tours is 3 years and anyone below that is not allowed to take these tours

What is special about Mount Teide Volcano?

As one of Europe's highest volcanoes, Mount Teide attracts a lot of geologists and tourists alike. Evidence of past eruptions and geographical details on how volcanic sea islands arise may be seen all across the island. Additionally, it casts the greatest "cone-shaped" shadow on the entire planet. This is a reference to the length of the shadow created over the water when the sun hits the volcano at a particular angle. More than a thousand ancient sites, some dating back many centuries, have been discovered on the slopes of Mount Teide.

Which is the most convenient way to reach Mount Teide Volcano?

The most convenient way to reach Mount Teide Volcano is by cable car.

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